[tab:Accounting & Taxation Services]Jigsaw Advisory Accounting & Taxation Services include but are not limited to:
line-point-AIndividual Income Tax Returns
line-point-ACompany and Trust Income Tax Returns
line-point-ASelf Managed Superannuation Income Tax Returns and Administration
line-point-APreparation of Financial Statements for all structures – Companies, Trust, partnerships and
Sole Traders
line-point-APreparation of Business Activity Statements
line-point-ACorporate Compliance
line-point-AEstablishing a new Business and Advice
line-point-AIncorporation of Structure that provide Asset Protection
line-point-ACloud based accounting software platforms

Jigsaw Advisory provides a Fixed Fee approach for its services it offers. For many years accounting firms worldwide have been operating on a time based process to determine the price of work undertaken for clients. Not only does this process lead to uncertainty due to clients not knowing the price of the work being undertaken until the work is complete but it also leads to inefficiency in the longer a job takes the more that can be charged on a job

Please give us a call to speak to one of our friendly team at Jigsaw Advisory.
We will assist you in connecting with your business and therefore to make your accounting and tax experience enjoyable

[tab:Business Consulting]At business-consultingJigsaw Advisory, we do not consider that all problems are straightforward nor do we believe that all businesses are identical.
We work alongside you to help you change, grow, succeed and deliver. We assist you with specific business advice and solutions that will assist you grow and transform your business in a way that meets your aims and objectives.

Define, Identify, Set, Align and Monitor

[tab:SMSF Admin & Advice]smsfDo you have a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) or are you looking to set one up? Jigsaw Advisory can assist in establishing your Self Managed Superannuation Fund via one of our affiliated network of licensed advisers.

Many choose to invest their “Superannuation” in an effective tax vehicle, commonly known as a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). The benefits of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund for those with substantial amounts to invest are varied. Most importantly however, it gives control and flexibility of your investments to you rather than a fund manager, but must be done in consultation with a licensed financial planner.

Numerous people are currently with employer / industry provided superannuation funds, the SMSF vehicle has now become an increasingly popular strategy. It puts the control back in your hands, giving you the power over of your investments. Many people want the hands on control that comes with a Self Managed Superannuation Fund, however comes with the added compliance, responsibility and workload.

Jigsaw Advisory provides a package of services that will enable you to take control of your superannuation, however offers the peace of mind in the compliance of administration the fund within the stringent guidelines. Our ongoing services will ensure that you receive continuing professional and efficient administration, relieving you of much of the work involved in running your own super fund.

We also can assist in the purchase property within a Self Managed Superannuation Fund, that where you operate a business from leasehold premises, may have substantial advantages being owned through a Self managed Superannuation Fund. These are all via a vast array of licensed financial advisers and or Mortgage Brokers.
[tab:Estate Planning]Estate Planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate during your life. Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Estate Planning involves a numbers of aspects, not just the “common will”. It involves that the wishes of those dying are carried out in accordance with the recently deceased. In many circumstances, the deceased had not discussed their dying wishes with their immediate family and either the will was not drawn up correctly and or, no will was ever prepared. We work with a dedicated legal representative and yourself to properly discuss openly your wishes and all the possibilities that could occur, because inevitably, they do occur, and the repercussions are not desirable for those loved ones that you intended. It includes those that are taken for granted, but not limited to:

line-point-AFuneral plans, just how often this simple matter is totally overlooked
line-point-APower of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney
line-point-AWhat is to happen to your Assets and are those asset actually able to be distributed in accordance with the deceased wishes

As mentioned, Jigsaw Advisory works closely with you, as your trusted advisor and a specialised legal representative in connecting you in the appropriate direction for piece of minding and following thru with the process, which is often overlooked. It staggers me, that as part of our Jigsaw Advisory Health Check when we meet a new client, the number of times the question is asked….”Do you have a Will”, and the overwhelming response is NO. We follow thru on this process, and the answer will then be – YES.

[tab:Asset Protection]asset-protectionProtecting your Assets against frivolous creditors is increasing and becoming a major concern to SME’s. It has been quoted that Australia is closely following the trend of American litigation with New South Wales only closely behind California with either someone being sued.

Many business owners operate their businesses through a Pty Limited company. The majority of the shareholders in most cases will be individuals. The issue with this structure is that as the shareholder, they could lose the shares in any successful law suit and that would include the assets of the company – your wealth. One solution is the use of “trusts” to protect the assets. This is one of the most beneficial strategies for asset protection, as the individual does not legally own the asset, it is owned by a Trust. The trust is commonly known as a “Family” trust or “Discretionary” trust. The trust may be controlled by an individual, but they have no ownership of the trust. A further key problem that companies face is that they do not receive the 50% general capital gains tax discount (CGT), and while it looks to be properly structured, it may have access to the CGT concessions. The use of a “Discretionary” trust does give you the Asset Protection that you desire, together with the access to the CGT concessions; nevertheless it does have issues when acquiring real property thru a trust. These could include, but not limited to:

line-point-ADistribution of any tax credits when negatively geared asset are owned in a trust
line-point-ALand Tax concessions are not available
line-point-APrincipal Place of Residence exemptions is not available

All the above can make things very confusing and without specific advice many people built up their wealth in their own names. With changing views on asset protection and estate planning, many people are now looking at how they own assets and are looking for better asset protection strategies. While it is true that people believe they will never be sued, or if so they have adequate insurance, the facts suggest a different answer in reality

[tab:Supplementary Services]Thru a range of network relationships, we are able to connect you and/or your business with the right people that we have a close working relationship with that will provide you with variety of solution and services including:

line-point-ALending & Mortgage services
line-point-AInsurance advice
line-point-AWealth advice
line-point-AMotor Vehicle broker – acquisition and finance